JW Activitoys Peck-a-Mole


Product description

The JW Activitoys Peck-A-Mole Bird Toy is multiple toys in one! Birds such as parakeets, cockatiels and parrots are extremely intelligent critters and used to high levels of stimulation and activity in their natural environments. This unique and engaging cage toy meets all those needs, with a wide mirror to attract your bird's interest, a swiveling hammer with a rattle for it to manipulate, and a rewarding game of pushing the moles down out of sight!

  • Stimulates birds' natural mental & physical activity
  • Engaging game & bright colors prevent birdie boredom
  • Mounts easily to cage
  • Great for cockatiels, parakeets & other small birds

This carnival style bird toy features bright colors and a shiny mirror that will instantly grab your bird's attention. (Fun fact: birds LOVE looking at themselves in the mirror, and with that coloring who can blame them?) A bolt-on attachment makes it easy to install in your bird's cage so the fun can begin right away.


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